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NORY Camps

From Robot Making to Chemistry Lab, NORY's renowned STEM camps give children a lens of inquisitiveness and creativity. Join us for in-person camps throughout NYC!


NORY Summer

From Robots & Science to Coding & Woodworking, NORY Summer Camp gives children a life-long memory of becoming a purposeful changemaker.   Oh, and "the most FUN summer ever", too!


NORY Virtual

Interactive online day camps and holiday enrichment for children ages 4-12. Take your child on a journey to become resilient, empathetic and inquisitive Changemakers through robotics mastery. 


Designing the future

Rather than following it



NORY is greater than the sum of knowledge children learn. It's the whole experience that your child dives into. From solving problems to achieving goals - children learn to enjoy the process and are motivated to overcome failures. 

We give children a tool, and more importantly, motivate them to solve problems with it. Learning naturally follows in the process of failure and iteration. 

Every time we see "I Can Do This!" faces on our children, we imagine what the future they design will be like. It's thrilling.

Our children are proud of their ability and motivated to use it for the good.

What is NORY Camp?

In 2017, we launched our baby summer camp in Downtown Manhattan with the mission of nurturing the next generation of changemakers through our core values: Resilience, Inquisitiveness, and Empathy.

5 years later, with 10 campsites, we grew to be one of the largest and most beloved summer camps in NYC.

NORY camps are like Disney World, with experiential hands-on STEM projects. From transforming the campsite into a life-size fort in one week to building a dancing robot to film TikTok music videos in another, future changemakers collaborate to invent unimaginable creations to make their dream come true.

Our immersive weekly experiences introduce campers to purposeful missions (sometimes real-world issues or wild-imaginary ones) and inspire them to learn various skills ranging from woodworking to high-tech robot building to bring their ideas to life. We celebrate their “awesome mistakes” and empower them to develop and test their solutions to create a positive impact they are proud of.




Core NORY Values

"Your program is a breath of fresh air. 
Nothing else has made her excited about learning, 
and she has blossomed since having taken your camp."

- Jasmine

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Inspirational Instructors

We believe inspiration starts from an authentic emotional connection. 

We guarantee inspiring and caring teachers who can deliver personalized attention to ensure each child’s holistic development. Our teachers are enthusiastic, joyful leaders that will provide an engaging learning environment for your child.

COVID Safety

We have a high safety standard. Our thorough staff training, equipment, and protocols ensure every member of our learning community understands and follows CDC regulations.

Uncompromising Experiences

Our program is carefully designed by NORY’s visionary educators to create an immersive experience that nurtures key soft skills, namely resilience, inquisitiveness, and empathy.

Our low instructor to student ratio allows us to customize activities to each child’s developmental level.

What Makes NORY Camp Special?

Our afterschool programs and camps are offered throughout NYC partnering with some of the best schools, e.g. The International Preschools and Battery Park Montessori. 

Our programs are designed for 3-9 years old little innovators. The best way to experience our program is to join our upcoming camp and receive updates on new programs and early bird specials:

How do I experience a NORY program?

NORY offers dynamic camps and afterschool programs for children ages 3 - 12 throughout NYC. NORY partners with premier schools including The International Preschools,  Battery Park Montessori, and Montclare Children’s School.  

Check out upcoming camps to experience NYC's fastest growing early education program and stay up-to-date with our newsletter.

"My daughter loved your camp and we are going to sign up again. Your program is a breath of fresh air. Nothing else has made her excited about learning and she has blossomed since taken your camp." 

- Jasmine

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