Botanical Printing on Silk Scarves:

Holiday Edition



2-4 years old

4-6 kids

Saturday, 12/05

10:00am - 11:00am

$30 including


574 West End Avenue

Apt 12B2


Bring your curiosity to Janna's Mom'n'Me Botanical Printing on Silk! In this class we will be using familiar household items in unusual ways, an excellent way to practice the use of play to exercise curiosity. Children will get to soak, pound, wrap, squish and tie dried flowers, onion skins, dried avocado skins and frozen berries into long silk scarves. The scarves will be tied into bundles and then dropped into jars to simmer while we sing songs, color and read books about flowers and plants.This class also exercises patience, as the final reveal of your scarves won't occur until one week later when you unwrap your silk bundle at home. The result will be a unique blended harmony of greens and reds that resemble watercolor, and is a great holiday gift for mom or grandma!

**This is an adult participation class. One parent or caregiver can participate with up to two children.**

Hi, my name is Janna Maria Vallee. I am an artist and textile art educator originally from the west coast of Canada. Since 2008 I have been a textile art educator in a variety of settings, from elementary school after-school programs to visiting arts educator in colleges and universities. In 2013 I organized and developed the curriculum for, and taught a twelve-week textile arts after-school program for grades 3s and 4s at Lower Canada College in Montreal, Quebec. I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of Concordia University’s Fibres and Material Practices program, as well as Capilano University’s Textile Arts program. 

Janna Maria Vallee


5 min: Meet & greet

5 min: Intro to materials (flowers, foods and silk)

20 min: Soak, pound, wrap, squish and tie familiar colorful things into silk scarves

25 min: Simmer silk scarves in pot. (*During this time Janna will have a series of songs, stories and activities that relate to the project.)

5 min: Explain how to unwrap, maintain and clean the scarf for the future use.


Know about natural sources of color.

Become more curious about the various applications of household items.

Develop better motor skills and coordination.

Exercise patience.

Bring home a unique and beautiful silk scarf!

Have an opportunity to give the handmade scarf to a friend or relative this holiday season.



Silk Scarf (8"X54")

Printing materials (flowers, berries, onion skins, etc.)

Cleanup and take-home material


Clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty

The class will be held at an UWS parents' child-safe apartment.


574 West End Ave, Apt 12B2

New York, NY 10024


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