Personal Privacy & Safety: 

Body Awareness for Children


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5-7 years old

6 kids

Tuesday, 8/23



581 Henry St. Brooklyn

(Carroll Gardens)


"Studies show that boys are most often touched inappropriately by someone they know or a stranger by the age of 4”

“When researchers were studying why children do not disclose inappropriate touch, sexual touch, or uncomfortable touch they found that it is because children do not have the vocabulary and the language to share this information."

“Poor communication about children’s bodies can lead to poor body image and as adults can lead to sexual dysfunctions.”


In this fun and interactive sex education class, young children will learn about safety, privacy and communication issues surrounding their body in an age appropriate way. As the class begins, children will review body parts they already know and describe what makes them unique. We will then segue into learning about boys and girls private parts, something little children are so curious about. With child-friendly activities and fun games, children will learn about safety, good touch/bad touch, sharing with their mom and dad when they feel unsafe, and taking care of their body. The class will conclude with an exciting story that answers a common question children have: “Where do babies come from?” 

**This is an adult participation class. One adult can accompany up to two children in the class.**

Hi, My name is Sara and I am a psychotherapist in NYC. I have previously worked with children in a home-based environment where I taught them behavioral and social skills. I love teaching children and I am passionate about introducing children to their bodies in a healthy and positive fashion. This is a milestone for your child and I am so excited to be sharing this moment together.

Sara Schapiro-Halberstam


10 min: Meet & Greet, Icebreaker 

15 min: Our Body: How it is unique & How to take care of our body, especially our private parts

10 min: Privacy and Healthy Touch: Behaviors in exploring our body and the importance of privacy

5 min: Safety & Communication: Good touch and Bad touch & How to ask questions to mom/dad

15 min: Where Do Babies Come From: A story about a mom and dad who love each other very much

5 min: Questions and Good-byes


Be able to speak about the importance of self care.

Identify the appropriate names for their private parts.

Know the rules of good touch and bad touch and the importance of sharing with their mom or dad.

Understand the importance of privacy with self (pleasurable touch) and others.

Understand the basics of how babies are made.


Smith Street Workshop

581 Henry St.

Brooklyn NY

Located in Carroll Gardens, Smith Street Workshop is a one-stop shop for an array of kids French classes as a well as a tutoring center.


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