About Us

"Remember when you were 7?"

The world is quite different today. Imagine what it will be like when our children embark on their own journey - 15 years later.  More jobs will have been displaced by machines. Rather than finding work, our children will have to invent their own. In the waves of change, some children will paddle to stay afloat or surf on the waves, while still others will create the waves.

NORY was founded by parents committed to nurturing the wave makers. It all started with a single question, "what do we want our own children to do?"

Fail and dream fearlessly,
Ask "Why" relentlessly, and
Connect with others authentically.

This translates to the three soft-skills: resilience, inquisitiveness, and empathy. These are the fundamental skills to thrive in the ever-changing world. All NORY programs take the project-based, experiential learning approach to develop these soft skills. If you want your child to design the future, rather than follow it, join us.