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"What do you remember when you were 3?"

A very special moment - that you remember after 20 years with a smile. An experience that made you fall in love with what you love. The first achievement that took you to the next level. That's what a NORY camp is.

NORY Summer 

A B O U T  O U R  C A M P

"My daughter loved your camp and we are going to sign up again. Your program is a breath of fresh air. Nothing else has made her excited about learning and she has blossomed since taken your camp." 

- Jasmine



2021 Weekly Themes

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Invent a Crazy Monster Alarm Clock

Be the Robot Magician

Inventing for Good

Robotic Ninja Warrior

Woodworking for Good

Invent Funny Robotic Pranks!

Invent a Joystick Question Games

DIY Woodworking: Your Own Sports Arcade

Community Dance Robot Party

Robotic Self-Driving Car

Be the Real Inventor

Communication Invention: Alien Escape!

Note: Sign-ups can be made by the week!


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From Robots & Science to Coding & Game Building, NORY Summer Camp gives children a life-long memory of becoming a purposeful changemaker.

Oh, and "the most FUN summer ever", too!


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The Purpose

Backed by our unique mission, NORY summer camp sets out to nurture purposeful changemakers. It starts with strengthening certain core soft skills, or attitudes: empathy, resilience, and inquisitiveness.

Although these core soft skills are not exclusive to robotics, engineering, and science... NORY’s summer camps use these disciplines to drive excitement, problem-solving, and curiosity. All of our weekly summer camp themes empower students to take risks and use technology in exciting ways.

NORY Summer in Numbers

convenient locations throughout NYC make NORY Summer accessible to everyone!

8 Locations



In 2019 summer, over 3,000 innovators created life-long memories at NORY IN-PERSON camps only.

Counselors are the most important part of our Summer Camp. Only 3% of applicants are accepted as NORY educators. We take pride in our unparalleled quality of educators.

Your Dream Summer Camp Is Here!

Check out what our parents are saying about NORY Summer Camp 2020.

Robots & Science




Enrollment Is Now Open!


"Timmy and Teddy had so much fun today and kept saying that this is the BEST camp ever!! They were asking me if they could continue for next week."


"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful program. Lila really enjoyed the camp so much. We have signed up for two more weeks. I wasn’t sure how she would do with 2.5 hours on zoom but the way you have it set up and the wonderful community that is built with the counselors really made it such a great experience for her. Thank you again."


"My son came home from camp and told me his day was very very great! We are never able to get much out of him on normal school days, but he was so excited to tell us how he loved building and doing experiments! We will definitely sign him up again!"

- Michelle

Summer 2019 At A Glance

Curious what our weekly robotics & science themes are all about? Check out some of our past summer themes!

Robots & Science




NORY Summer

At NORY Summer, each week opens up a whole world of possibilities. Diving into meaningful issues and interesting challenges, children dream, design, and build inventions to make a positive impact. Each weekly theme introduces new skills and tools like woodworking and robot building. Children gain the intrinsic motivation to learn and the purpose to use their new skills for something meaningful. They are proudly surprised by what they created at the end of each week.

When their week is filled with FUN and a SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT, it becomes a life-long memory that gives them a glimpse of what it means to be a purposeful changemaker.

In-person Camp

There is no replacement for an in-person camp experience. The swimming and sports add-on options, fun-filled camp activities paired with our mind-blowing weekly projects create the best day-camp experience ever. This year, we will also be doing coding activities for 8-12 year olds each day of camp!

As parents, we never stop asking ourselves how to make the NORY experience more convenient for families. Our complimentary lunch, dedicated contact line, and 8 hyper-local locations throughout NYC are just a few examples of improvements we have made. NORY Summer will beat your expectation every year until you can't imagine anything better.

Learn More: In-person Summer Camp

"Griffin really loved his time at camp.  He told me earlier this week on our way to drop off -- "I never want this week to end!".  Woodworking is basically his dream come true.  I'm so happy we were able to find this for him."


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